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Meet Our Fifth Avenue Place Chiropractic & Massage Team

Calgary Chiropractor

Dr. Corey Fiske

Dr. Fiske and Family

Like many chiropractors out there, my career path was influenced and inspired by my own experience with Chiropractic care. Talk to most chiropractors and almost all of them have a story to tell of how chiropractic has helped them. It is a pretty amazing testament of the effectiveness of our profession that it can affect peoples’ lives like it does.

For me, I was 15 and playing in a competitive hockey tournament. I was injured and unable to play as my back was so sore. My mom took me to see her chiropractor, “The legendary” Dr. Lyle Whitney. After receiving treatment, not only was I able to play pain free but I was able to play some of my best hockey ever for the rest of the tournament. In fact, chiropractic care has ensured that I have never had to have the back surgery my family doctors recommended at age 15. Dr. Whitney passionately shared with me the wonders of chiropractic. I experienced the results first hand and since then in my eighteen years of practice I can tell you many more stories of chiropractic that continue to amaze me.

I was born in the small town of Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan. I spent most of my formative year in competitive sports like hockey, golf, and baseball. With 2 brothers and a sister, my life has always been competitive. Chiropractic care has enabled my family to maintain and enjoy that competitive lifestyle to this day.

I love to travel and have had the opportunity prior to my chiropractic education to travel extensively all over the world. Some of the most memorable events are golfing the ‘old course’ at Saint Andrews, bungee jumping off of the Queens town bridge, or just making new and good friends in the Hoffsbrough house in Munich. Some of the most unique and educational places I have traveled would have to be Egypt, Israel, Palestine, and Bangkok.

Chiropractic Education

I went down to California for my Chiropractic education. My wife and I decided that California was probably a whole lot warmer than Toronto (which had the only Canadian Chiropractic College at that time) and that we would probably get a whole lot more visitors there. Someday I will have to figure out how many times I toured people over the Golden Gate Bridge.

During my four years at Palmer College of Chiropractic West, my studies included: Anatomy and Human Physiology, Biochemistry, Histology, X-ray, Clinical Diagnosis, Chiropractic Bio-Mechanics and Adjusting Techniques, as well as many hours of patient care in the Out-Patient Public Clinic. After graduating I stayed and practiced a number of years in California. As it became more important to be closer to home and family we decided to move back to Calgary and open my own practice as a chiropractor in downtown Calgary.

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Zoya Imran, Physiotherapist (PT)

zoya imranI did my Bachelor in Physiotherapy in Delhi, India and worked there as a Physiotherapist in an outpatient clinic for two years. I decided to pursue my masters and came to Winnipeg and completed my MSc (Neuro-rehab) in 2016 from the University of Manitoba. During my masters I worked on research projects focused on Stroke rehab, Vestibular rehab, Brain injuries and Spinal cord injuries rehab, as well as fall prevention programs in the elderly. I had the opportunity to work hands on in all the above stated client populations using the best techniques. My masters degree has really kept me focused on practicing evidence based techniques and continuously reading and keeping up with new research. I am fluent in providing physiotherapy services in English, Hindi and Urdu.

After graduation from U of M, I worked as a Physiotherapist for one year in Winnipeg where I treated outpatient orthopaedic and sports injuries, pre and post natal cases, and neurological conditions. Although Winnipeg is a nice small city, I sure did miss the crazy big city life that Delhi is, and therefore decided to move to downtown Calgary.

I believe in a functional approach of treatment by using hands on techniques, education and exercise prescription. Conditions that interest me, but are definitely not limited to include: sports injuries, arthritis, overuse injuries, work injuries, motor vehicle accident injuries, pre and post joint replacement cases, pelvic floor health, and I do hold a great interest in treating neurological conditions such as concussions, vestibular conditions, stroke, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, MS, etc. When I am not working, I enjoy working out, cooking, painting, visiting new places and catching up with family and friends. Being new to the mountains, I do look forward to developing new hobbies like hiking, camping, mountain biking, etc.


Dr. Yuchee Chih, Registered Acupuncturist

dr-chih-headshotI have had a strong passion in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for a long time. As a Registered Acupuncturist in Alberta I am also well versed in Internal Medicine. On top of that, I have advanced training in Orthopedics Sports Acupuncture.

I completed my advanced study in China focused primarily on: the endocrine system for chronic diseases; immune disorders; reproduction; western medicine and cancer treatment side effects; musculoskeletal illness for pain management and after stroke recovery; neurology for PTSD; headache; depression; anxiety; insomnia; and life cultivation for anti-aging, pre-diabetic, pre-renal, and pre-prostate.

Putting patients’ care first, utilizing TCM to manage their pains, maintain their health, and cultivate their life are the main goals for my practice. Integrating with western medicine, other complimentary paramedical treatments and supplement alternative medicine professionals, I will customize a holistic treatment approach in assisting my patients to achieve their healthcare goals.

Amanda McPhail, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

AmandaI am a trained Registered Massage Therapist with a 2500Hours of Education from the Somatics Institute School of Massage in Edmonton, Alberta, which I graduated from in 2006. I went on to build a thriving practice in Edmonton, but found the mountains and my birth city of Calgary calling to me.

I am trained in all aspects of massage including Deep tissue, Sports, Relaxation, Therapeutic, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Pre/Post Natal, and Orthopedic Assessment. I have the ability to tailor any massage to meet my clients needs with perfect pressure to help achieve their goals with whatever stresses or injuries they may have. I like to find the source of the problem and work with the clients to gain as much overall well-being and potential that they can achieve.

I believe that clients can reach their full potential through maintenance, education, properly tailored treatment plan and a great attitude. I enjoy educating my clients and making sure their treatments leave them satisfied. I find the body and mind connection fascinating and love to research everything to gain as much knowledge as I can.

Outside of the clinic, I like to hike, bike, horseback ride, workout, snowboard and just stay active.
I am very passionate about my work. I look forward to meeting and getting to know clients and assisting them in any way I can by helping them on their path to full wellness.

Mae Meyer, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Photo of Mae, RMTI am a registered massage therapist and a member of MTAA, I completed my training with honours from MH Vicars 2200-hour remedial massage program in Calgary. Through careful listening and thoughtful communication, I strive to create effective treatments to bring balance and well being.  I believe in the importance of being present and really tuning in to every client I work with.

I utilize a variety of techniques such as therapeutic deep tissue, Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage, and myofascial release. I love that I can provide a space of relaxation and care for clients, while addressing specific concerns. I have experience working with a variety of injuries & postural imbalances, and I believe that massage can be incredibly beneficial.

In my spare time I like to hike and spend time in nature. I also love painting, cooking, and spending time with my family and friends.

Office Staff


Office Staff, ErinI like to consider myself a veteran of Fifth Avenue Place Chiropractic & Massage as I have worked alongside Dr. Fiske since 2002 where I was the full-time office and accounts manager until it was time for me to take a break in 2012 and start a family. After being away for 18 months I returned to my accounting and billings responsibilities as account manager and can be seen in the clinic on a fairly regular part-time basis.

Apart from enjoying my full time job as a mom, I enjoy my time at the office and am available to help our patients with any billings questions. If I happen to be away on a day that you need to speak with me I can always be reached via the office email!

In my spare time, I enjoy the outdoors! I particularly love to garden and am an avid camper who enjoys hiking, fishing and quadding with my hubby, 2 children, and our 2 fur babies! Enjoying quality time with friends and family is always high on my list!


Office Staff, ChasityI graduated from Bow Valley College by completing the Medical Office Assisting program and joined the team at Fifth Avenue Place Chiropractic & Massage in October 2017. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, as well as staying physically active and traveling to new places.

Tanisha, Social Media Designer

Office Manager, TanishaI joined the team in 2013 as the front desk receptionist and have now started to grow my own family which means I am no longer seen at the office as often, but am busy working on social media for the clinic. I spent the majority of my years growing up in the Okanagan. Outside of the office, I can be found pursuing my work as a photographer, playing sports, scuba diving, being with my family, and working with my Church.

Prior to working at Fifth Avenue Place Chiropractic & Massage, I taught and competed in various sports, including rock climbing, swimming, gymnastics, and skiing, Knowing firsthand how injuries can affect the ability to participate in sports as well as affecting the everyday aspects of life, I have always desired to be in an environment that would support people’s recovery and good health. At Fifth Avenue Place Chiropractic & Massage, I am happy to be part of that.


Office Staff, MicheleI have worked at Fifth Avenue Place Chiropractic & Massage since 2000. and in 2002 I took time off to have 2 beautiful girls. I have recently returned in a part-time capacity to work the front desk and help out around the office. When not at work, I keep busy chauffeuring kids, watching professional and amateur hockey, looking after the family, and horseback riding whenever I can get a chance.

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