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Meet Jane Tien,
Registered Massage Therapist

Jane TienPrior to embarking on my career as an RMT, I earned a Therapy Assistant degree at Okanagan College, specializing in Occupational Therapy,Recreational Therapy, and Physical Therapy. Following a car accident that resulted in injuries, my commitment to assisting others with chronic pain deepened and led me to a career as an RMT.

I am a dedicated member in good standing with CMMOAT, having graduated from the Alberta College of Massage Therapy. Having expertise in Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, and Relaxation massage, my aim is to guide clients towards achieving their wellness objectives. I have a genuine passion for educating clients about the benefits of massage therapy.


Outside of the Office

Beyond my professional endeavors, I indulge in my love for travel and animals during my free time. Embracing an active lifestyle, I find joy in outdoor pursuits such as skiing, hiking, and running.

Discover How Massage May Benefit You

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