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Meet Antoine Rodriguez (Osteopathic Manual Therapist)

AntoineI am an Osteopathic Manual Therapist having graduated after 5 years of study at the Collège Ostéopathique Européen in France, 2016.

After graduating, I spent 5 years practicing osteopathy in France before moving to Canada in 2021 and am registered with the Alberta Association of Osteopathic Manual Therapists (AAOMT) My experiences have led me to work with different demographics such as infants, prenatal/postnatal, athletes and geriatric patients.

Over the years, I have placed an emphasis in temporomandibular joint disorders, headaches/migraines, craniosacral therapy and visceral/digestive treatments.

My passion for sport led me to follow a training course exploring the practice of osteopathy in relation to athletes. I had the opportunity to work with local running and soccer clubs in France, during which time I helped athletes understand the cause of their injuries through osteopathic assessment and treatment.

I place great importance on overall health and well-being, and use my training to maintain my patients’ optimal health through osteopathic care.

What is osteopathic manual therapy?

“Osteopathic manual therapy aims to improve overall body function by increasing joint mobility, reducing muscular and fascial tension, and promoting optimal fluid circulation throughout the body. Osteopathic practitioners use their hands to apply techniques such as manipulation and mobilization of various tissues and joints to address imbalances and mobility restrictions that can lead to dysfunction.”

Antoine Rodriguez Downtown Calgary | (403) 261-1801